Technology Development

Technology development in a rapidly changing marketplace of aggressive competition and proliferating information calls for a new dimension in technology design and development.

TESS understands customer’s needs by assessing their capabilities and requirements in every project. Our research unit helps you better exploit your concept, product development or technology research project bringing to you cost-effective solutions that maximize your chances of commercial success.

TESS develops new technologies and products all the way from the research lab to the vendor shelf.Through our multidisciplinary team TESS specializes in the development of industrial automation, data acquisition, full SCADA hardware and software, communications, and SMART metering technologies and products.

We have developed products for industrial customers worldwide. TESS research unit specializes in:

  • Industrial Process Automation Controllers
  • Industrial Protocol Converters 4-20 mA to Modbus ASCII and RTU, Foundation Field Bus, CAN
  • Industrial Wireless Communication devices from 900 MHZ to 2.4 GHZ
  • Foundation Field Bus communication boards
  • Flow Computer
  • Industrial Programmable Data Loggers
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Pipeline Leak Detection systems
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Strain sensors and transmitters
  • Magnetic position transducers and sensors
  • Low frequency and vibration probes
  • High resolution valve positioners
  • IEC 61131 programming software
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic software for Process Automation Applications
  • Electrical Valve Actuators

TESS counts with own research and development laboratories to develop and testing cutting-edge technology. We carry out Temperature Tests, EMC, Noise Burst, Transients and Power Surge tests for pre-certification of your products. TESS facilities include a cutting-edge flow-loop for control valve performance testing.

TESS manages the certification of customer’s products throughout the entire certification cycle under ATE, CS, IEC, IEEE, UL and INMETRO standards.

TESS experience in certification and product validation includes approval processs under the standards IEC 60068-2-1/2/6/14/30, EN-60079-15, IEC-61000 series, UL 598 and various country-specific certification agencies. Please call us for further details.