Metering Systems

SMART, Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology 
TESS Metering Systems includes SMART products for process flow-rate, electrical energy (energy meters), water, gas and network bandwidth measurement solutions based on TESS owned wireless sensor technology (WST), machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6). TESS SMART allows IP-addressed devices to become real-world objects, enabling data collection and transmission of information about their condition or environment via the Internet, making them “smart” Remote access and control of smart objects can be achieved via a web page or Smart phone. 

Recent technological advancements allow lower implementation costs and high reliability opening the door to limitless possible solutions in commercial and consumer data acquisition, monitoring and billing applications. This means, remotely monitoring anything from the vital signs of a medical patient to a domestic gas meter, or controlling the position of a field valve actuator in a plant to activating the dosage of corrosion inhibitor chemicals in a pipeline. Now all that is possible with the convenience of your computer or Smartphone.

TESS SMART is based on a wireless industrial hardware platform. Wireless communications are becoming more and more vital to streamlining operations in industrial environments. High costs of wiring and free up resources from having to manually collect process information in hazardous environments are eliminated thanks to TESS SMART devices. In many applications, it is impossible to run wires to plant assets, but wireless systems allow you to transmit information to process monitoring systems so operators can monitor and prevent expensive shutdowns, allow plant personnel to optimize the use of plant assets, and to coordinate preventative maintenance tasks, materials, and schedules.

TESS SMART line of products eliminates the high costs spent on wired systems in harsh or prohibitive industrial environments. Once installed, these wireless systems provide visibility over assets and processes using reliable, encrypted wireless transmissions. Let us help you improve safe And reduce downtime with our new line of wireless products.

TESS through TESS Research developed a family of products based on SMART technology for domestic, commercial & industrial electrical power, control, security & emergency systems.

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