TESS high quality Automation products are followed by a personalized full service. The maximum reliability is guaranteed from the laboratory to the field, from sensors through controllers to the final control element.TESS specializes in providing solutions for the always evolving Automation Industry. TESS products and solutions are based on industry standards, providing better integration & compatibility.

TESS enables tighter integration of IT with Automation Industry solutions that will allow best processing of information resulting in reliable and accurate control systems.

TESS specializes in developing customized Design Automation and Knowledge Based engineering applications meeting specific client needs across various engineering segments. We leverage our understanding of the needs of engineering companies, knowledge of engineering processes, and expertise in software development to design these solutions that help our clients improve their engineering efficiencies and provide a significant competitive advantageWe offer Business Automation Solutions that enables you to handle complex business operations, allowing you to respond more quickly to changing business factors, ultimately reducing total cost of day-to-day operations. We provide solutions that integrate across your business allowing you manage your business efficiently ensuring maximum productivity.

TESS will help you serve your customers more efficiently, to respond to your every need, ultimately resulting in improved business performance and informed business decision making.TESS offers Automation products ranging from: 

• Industrial Programmable controllers – PID, Adaptive Control, Optimum Control available
• Industrial Wireless Controllers
• Industrial Flow- Computers, AGA, API compliant
• IEC 61131 programming software
• Electrical Value Actuators Quarter-Turn
• Pneumatic Valve Actuators
• Electrical-Hydraulic Actuators
• Hydraulic Actuators
• Pneumatic-Hydraulic Actuators

Beyond product supply we provide custom-made automation solutions for demanding applications whenever an off-the-shelf solution is not a realistic option. We count with a team which spans a range of specialist competencies including materials, power systems, electronics, mechanical, control systems, modeling and optimization solutions

Solution & Services

• Automation
• Pipeline Integrity
• Engineering
• Metering Systems