About Us

Total Energy Solutions & Services Company (TESS) was founded out of the growing need for quality integrated solutions and services from a Company that understands tomorrow’s technology today.

TESS provides solutions in the entire added-value chain of the Automation, SCADA, Pipelines Integrity and SMART metering businesses. TESS develops custom-made technology, manufactures products, and provides engineered solutions and field services. 

TESS is organized in four major business areas:
Technology Development, Products, Engineering and Services. TESS Research specializes in the development of automation, data acquisition and communication technologies and custom-made products in the energy market. Our customers are technology suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

Our multi-disciplinary and highly-qualified teams develop solutions for an international client base. Our work is characterized by the ability to combine commercial acumen, innovation, world class engineering and applied science throughout the implementation of every solution.

You bring your product, concept, research or product development project, TESS materializes the solution you are looking for. Whether you manufacture, sale, install or use the product, TESS has a solution for you.

TESS Products are versatile, flexible to adapt and to suit your environment and installation requirements. Our products portfolio includes field process controllers, TESS product portfolio covers:

  • Automation
  • SCADA & Industrial Communications
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Metering Systems Systems 

TESS Engineering provides seamlessly solutions that bridge between various disciplines taking overall control of the end-product seamlessly, as a single supplier to the customer.

TESS Services provide field installation, supervision, specialized measurement, data acquisition and process control tools for most Automation, SCADA and Pipelines Integrity projects. Our trained service professionals are readily available to respond to your service requirements 24/7.

TESS delivers fully integrated solutions combining both owned as well as third party products and services seamlessly to the customers.